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Krista (Madame) Komondor is a recovering Nurse Practitioner, Stand-up Comic, Playwright, Actor and Francophile. Her work has been described as “mischievous, playful, and dark.” She has been on the mic over 600 times and her improvisational background includes work with the Magnet and the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Her interactive standup comedy show, Madame Komondor Will See You Now, will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2-24th, 2019. She is currently translating the show into French, and has plans to perform it in Paris in 2020.

Her YouTube channel, Becoming a Comedian, chronicles her journey as she lets go of her mousy healthcare provider identity and is revamped into a ballsy performer.

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Check out Krista’s personal site — learn about upcoming shows and sign up for free tickets!