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March 6, 2016


I had the most fun on stage last night at The Stand. Did the 5:45 LB new talent showcase and it was epic on so many levels — ok, maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but seriously, I felt really good about myself, about my performance. It was the culmination of so many things — First off, I invited my coworkers — which is a pretty big thing for me. My history involves not sharing myself with the people around me–especially at work, but my relationships with this new group of female coworkers…they’re really blossoming. Very unexpected. I felt pretty vulnerable, and that’s ok. Feeling known. They were so lovely–screaming as I finished my set. Everyone told me how comfortable I looked on stage, how at ease I appeared. It was nice having them there to support me, and I’m sure it contributed to my comfort level.

I did some crowd work, and really took my time.

Right before I went up, the host told me I had 7 minutes. I thought I would have 5. “You’re sure it’s not 5?” I asked. “Nope, you got 7,” he responded.

This should be good news to any other comic, but it caused me a little bit of distress. I’d plotted out 5 minutes. Should I throw another bit in there? There wasn’t time to think of what I’d choose, and so I took a deep breath and decided that I wasn’t going to change my set.

I was just going to   S-L-O-W     D-O-W-N.

That’s exactly what I did! It was awesome–really! I started off with a line that recently had a good response–it was new, borrowed and not very blue. Then a few minutes in, I asked the breastfeeding question to one an attractive man I’d been chatting with earlier. All told, three bits asked to the audience. Just enough. The audience’s response to crowd work is generally really positive. I think I remember a comic saying that when a comedian starts talking to the crowd, it increases the level of anxiety . This increase in tension leads to laughter…YAY!

Giving myself a pat on the back.

Afterward, a couple of comics gave me high fives, and a couple of people told me, “Great set!”

That was really nice. I’d done a mic only an hour and a half before — and I’d tripped over my words, but during the show it was pretty flawless.

Last note, though, I wrote a quick note to one of the nurses I’d worked with in the past…she was a temp we hired on and off, and I’d known her for a few years. She gave me some nice kudos in her email, but then she said something that really made me wince — something about how if this didn’t work out, I’d always have nursing to fall back on. UGH!!!! What a terrible thing to say!!!!!!!!! Though perhaps it’s something like Danusia would say, quoting Marcus Aurelius, “”You are here for my benefit, though rumor paints you otherwise.” Perhaps this is something to keep driving me forward.

More later–cha cha cha!!!!!! Big Hugs KK! XOXO KK!

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