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VaVaVoom! Inspiration!

November 30, 2015


Something happened last week. It was after I took the workshop on how to write a proposal for your memoir. The leader was talking about how important it is to “build your platform” if you want to have your book published.

I realized that I had absolutely no ‘platform.’ So I marinated on this thought. A few days later, “Becoming a Comedian” popped into my head. At first it was “YES! I’ll rename my blog.” ‘From Stethoscope to Stage’ didn’t have great search-ability, but Becoming a Comedian sure did. The idea morphed into a website where I showcased other comedians and their stories — sure, I’d get some well known comics as well as up and coming. That will drive traffic, I’ll get subscribers and BUILD A PLATFORM! Great idea, right?


I’m building a site to showcase other people so that I will get more subscribers and unique page views. Are you kidding?

Wait a minute….why don’t I build a site to continue documenting what I’ve been doing……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay!

So since that spark of an idea on 11/25, I’ve built a new website, created a YouTube channel for myself and posted three videos.

Boy Howdy!

I love being in that creative place that’s a fine line between inspiration, productivity and mania. So excited that it’s hard to get to sleep at night….I keep thinking of topics I want to speak on, interviews I want to do, ways of splicing pieces of sets and every day turning the camera on myself moments.

This is the stuff I would have loved as a child.

Tonight I’m processing the third video. I shot it about an hour ago, and am getting ready to cut it up now.

I did a couple of takes. The first — I didn’t like the lighting, then I didn’t like the way my face looked so I shot it against another wall, but by the time that happened, I’d lost all of my spontaneity and freedom–it looked like I was trying to remember what I was supposed to say instead of just speaking off the cuff. Then the judging myself…too slow, too .. blah blah blah blah blah.

Need to let go of how good or not good I look. The important thing right now is just getting content out there, to be regular about it. Everything else I HAVE GOT TO LET GO.


xoxo KK!

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