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September 9, 2015


My 111th time on stage!

I did a show over the weekend (over 200 in attendance!) that completely blew my mind/exceeded my expectations. Nearing the anniversary of the beginning of my journey, I’m excited to give an update here.



The 23 mics I’ve done since my show at The Stand on August 3rd have definitely paid off.

Great points — SO MUCH MORE RELAXED, MORE REAL — it’s me up there instead of a character. No glasses, less fear, less separation. There was a wonderful moment where a guy screamed out from the back of the room — I responded by squawking back at him a couple of times — while speaking lines of a joke and not missing a beat.

I only regret that I didn’t open with the “serious and smart” bit. Decided against it because I thought it might be too low energy (what?!) It would have killed —after the show people kept saying to me — “I didn’t know you were so funny, you seem so serious and smart.”


Lesson learned.

xoxo KK!


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