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Mic #93 – Village Lantern

August 14, 2015


Tonight was great! Megan was a terrific host and my energy was up. Before the mic, I went through my preparation–the music, the victory pose, etc.

Jessica suggested I start filming my sets. So this was #1. Watching the playback afterward, I was surprised that I was happy to see my work. Just like the footage from The Stand, I was impressed, and I see where I can make some small tweaks in mannerisms and pacing. It’s so much more helpful than only audio.

Resentments have been growing in me–why hasn’t anyone asked me to be part of their show? Last week after the 8:30 Buddha mic, Kelly and Jack Johnson told me that I need to start doing bar shows, that I should contact the people who send me invites to their shows and tell them I’d like to have a spot. Really? Won’t I come off as too pushy or maybe they haven’t asked me because they don’t think I’m good enough. But now, I do think I’m good enough, so what gives.

The thoughts percolated in my mind today, and it may sound whack, but I asked who knows out there–the void, the universe, whatever– asked to be put on a show.

This is unbelievable, and I swear it’s not fabricated.

I got to the Lantern mic, and Megan told me that this fellow Craig Fox runs a show in the same space at 8:30. Then Heather Apostolidis told me about an upcoming show she was having–something about bitches in the title, and that she definitely wants me to be part of the next show. Then after the mic, I was milling around outside, and Craig walks up and hands me his card.


Ok, not going to question it, just going to be grateful.

Wrote some material on my walk home–stopping and scribbling into my notebook. I’d like to say that things are looking up, but I’m superstitious, so I guess I’ll inject that into the sentence…and maybe knock on wood too.

xoxo KK!

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