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First Performance–Yee Haw!

August 4, 2015


Last night was my first spot at The Stand. Sooooo much fun!

It was really a triumph — not once did I feel like passing out–haha. Seriously though, in college, I used to faint whenever I had to get up in front of a group of people–and that’s in a benign classroom environment–when laughter and audience reaction isn’t even a consideration. So yes, I am very proud of myself for all the work it took to get up there with reasonable comfort, and do eight minutes of material. It’s funny how much writing it took to get there–I’ve written well over an hour of material since I started, and probably 2/3 of it has been jettisoned (as I’ve grown in this process). The important thing is, after over 80 open mics, I’m beginning to feel a little more comfortable.

Anyway, there were some really nice people on the show. A sweetheart comic from Atlanta who just the year before had been through a mess of health garbago–she had chutzpah and was hysterical!

It was good to see the other comics I knew–really kickin’ it and having a blast. When the show was over,  the audience having spilled out of the club and onto the sidewalk, there was a wonderful sense of camaraderie — hugs and smiles and congratulations. One of the sound guys told me that he loved my opening line, “I’m proud to have been the first person in my family to have sex.”

Feels good!


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