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April 17, 2015


It’s been a heck of a long time since my last post. This week I hit mic #40. The week before I went to Paris, I hit 7 in one week, but felt completely burnt out afterwards. Too much. I wasn’t preparing myself, getting up on stage without a clear plan of action-I’m sure this can be good — but it just wasn’t working for me. Really need to streamline so I can be at the top of my game.

Stoked because this week I wrote three new bits, and performed two of them at my last mic. Tonight I’m hitting two mics, and Sunday will hit another one or two.

Writing class has finished, but a couple of us have pulled together a writers group. Monday I’m handing in a rewrite of a fun story about a First Date Couples’ Massage. The story chronicles the events during my birthday weekend in Montauk (2009). I had a share in a house with a bunch of people, and had a bit of a flirtation with one of the fellows in the house. I’d been abstinent/celibate/whatever for five years when he asked if I’d like go for a day at Gurney’s Spa. We didn’t intend to end up getting massaged side by side, and it mostly happened because I wanted a massage but was being cheap — it was a better deal if we both got massaged….in the same room. Hilarity ensues!

Oh, and the storytelling event I mentioned in my last post–it went incredibly well! Friends came out to support me, and I felt so comfortable in front of the audience.



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