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Mics #27 and Mic #28

February 27, 2015


First time hitting two mics in one night. After the bomb dropped on Wednesday, I was ready for an evening where I felt comfortable and supported.

#27 – Laughing Devil 6pm – Long Island City — an intimate room — like a stretched out rectangle with a small stage tucked on one side near the center, surrounded by tables. Familiar faces. I was excited to be there, and excited to share — I’d rehearsed last night, but nothing today. Sitting there waiting for my turn to be called to the stage, I was relieved not to be running material over and over in my head. This is the Relax part of my preparation. Have the material in your body,  then let it go.

Loved the hosts — after the fellow introduced me, I told him I wanted to give him a hug, and did. Something about the room and my connection to the comics — that sense of camaraderie helped me feel free to let my six minutes be whatever they were going to be. I did a hefty tongue twister, felt completely silly — it definitely centered me.  Afterwards I hustled to the East Village with Judith and a guy comic whose name I can’t remember. We talked about our bits, about what we thought of our own sets. Seems obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway because my default is to either be a loner or someone who keeps a stable of critical naysayers –It helps to have encouraging people around you, and it feels good to be getting to know other comics in the community.


A number of the comics from Laughing Devil ended up at Klimat Lounge. I think my comfort and familiarity with these guys is helping me forget about myself a little when I’m on stage. It’s not so life or death, and I’m feeling a little less of that internal dialogue of “Do they like me? Am I doing ok?”

It felt like play, and that feeling is priceless!



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