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Sun is shining; Birds are singing

January 14, 2015


Feeling great this morning. It probably has something to do with getting my first full night’s in over a week– but more than that, I’m guessing that this new found exuberance was brought on by the new bit I started working on yesterday morning.

The inspiration came in the shower when an event from the previous evening played back in my head; a bizarre exchange with the fellow who made my salad at Chop’d in Times Square (bordering on soft core intrigue and complete ridiculousness). More lines of the story popped up this morning, and I ran it through while readying myself for the work day.

Everything feels much brighter when this process is taking place – subway commutes are less stressful, and my work seems more fluid and enjoyable. I’m excited to present this new material tomorrow night at the mic at Village Lantern.

$5 for 5 minutes. Anything I want to say. A captive audience.

Total bliss.

xoxo KK

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