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Back in the Saddle

December 22, 2014


I had so much fun tonight. This is definitely the way it’s supposed to feel, right? Freedom, enjoying the moment, improvising on bits I’d heard from other performers. I’m getting how important it is to understand where your audience is coming from…when there’s already a context, when peoples’ minds are already primed for the pinballs you’re about to toss at them….it feels so magical when those reactions go off.

Started off with material other comics would relate to. It’s so helpful to see lots and lots of people…to see what works as well as what doesn’t.

Afterwards, I hung out with another comic and grabbed a lamb roti from Kati Roll on MacDougal street. Dating an Indian, I find so much comfort in the tastes and textures of a good roti. It’s becoming habit for me to stop by after I perform….feels like a warm, tight hug. My original intention was to go to Thelewala, my favorite spot, also on MacDougal, but I deferred to what this other comic preferred. Big mistake. Thelewala is far superior, IMHO.

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