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Persistence, space and timing

December 7, 2014


Last night I showed up at a club in Queens at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm mic. It turned out that the time of their mic had been changed earlier that day, and I’d actually just missed it.

Bummer because I was excited to do a new bit I’d worked out earlier that day. Still determined, I went to badslava and found an 8pm on the Lower East Side at Lucky Jacks. Psyched even though it meant an extra 45 minute train ride. I patted myself on the back for my persistence.

The hosts were very inviting. and the space was intimate, quiet and clean. A little odd though because you stood about two feet away from the audience, but I figure I’ve got to get used to being in any type of situation.

The order of the performers was determined by the order in which you signed up, and unfortunately most of the comics left as soon as they did their set. This makes me crazy, but whatever.

After my set, one of the hosts got up and told me that I looked like Idina Menzel on crack; that my material was really good but if I slowed down, I could probably turn my 5 minutes into 20. At first her comment made me feel a little prickly and self-conscious, but then I was grateful for her feedback.

She was totally right. I got up there with the intention of whipping through as many of my bits as I possibly could to determine if they were funny or not. HA.

Note to self: it’s quality, not quantity, and people need some space to actually comprehend the material before they can find some amusement in it.



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