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My First Time

November 10, 2014


Last night I did STAND UP for the first time. Wow. I think it was a good experience. Afterward…May was in the audience and she told me that she was surprised that it was my first time because I seemed so relaxed. Judith, the host for the event, came over to congratulate me on my first mic, telling me that I’d done well, and that my nursing background will probably give me a lot of good material. She told me to come back, “You got laughs!”

So grateful I finally showed up and didn’t let fear get in the way. I’d rehearsed a lot at home and I think that made a huge difference. Also, I took Geoff’s advice about the ‘confidence’ exercises. AND I did my meditation and victory dance in the bathroom (yeah, that probably sounded weird). Think all of the preparation made a BIG difference.

It was a ‘lottery’ system. Basically they draw names out of a bucket. I was last, the ‘headliner.’ So happy it worked out that way…it gave my nerves a chance to settle. I got some ooooooo’s from the crowd–particularly when I said something inappropriate that bordered on gross.



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