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Focus on the positive

July 21, 2019

It’s shame — that I’ve said something wrong. 

It’s a provocative show, and I’m sure it makes people uncomfortable, especially that rape joke I deliver at the end — I love that joke. Deadpan. My dramaturge (The brilliant Katie Hartman) suggested I reconsider having it in there, but Ed (My director) thinks I should keep it. So we’ll see. It’s in there for now. 

I felt more relaxed tonight, not having to be perfect. Need to work on the transitions, need to allow the men on stage to speak — that’s what Ed said. I shut one of the guys down, and I think that didn’t go over well with the audience. Need to work on getting the script more solid as well. Didn’t rehearse too much this week — two mics, clown class. Can’t believe I leave for Edinburgh in 11 days. It’s all coming up so quickly. 

Started going through the massive Fringe guide – I want to make sure I see a bunch of shows while I’m there. If I can do one or two a day — definitely want to see the new york folks. 

Time to go to bed. Tomorrow I have a two hour rehearsal with Ed, then film him for a short Instagrammable interview. Also need to record myself. Being in an unsatisfying job makes it easier to do that.Really puts the flame under me — it’s my bunsen burner. xoxoK!

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