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What’s Funny Now?

January 22, 2017

I’m in that place again where I have no idea what is funny. I go to mics and hear comics rattling things off, but it doesn’t strike me at all. Feeling a little tired of my jokes and I’m not even that far into my 90/90.

Everyone has been really supportive–even people who I never expected would be. There was one guy who said (via social media), “I always do 90 mics in 90 days.” To that I reply, “Good for you!”

Annoying too because I’m working on eating and sleeping better, which is a challenging balance. So today I’m cooking a big pot of soup that I plan to eat for most of the week. Have a freezer full of wild salmon, so there’s my protein. Need to keep up with the meditation too. I missed the afternoon one yesterday, and the morning was slack.Been keeping up with writing three pages as soon as I wake up. Happy to be consistent with that one!

I wrote some new jokes last night, so that feels good. Need to keep working on what I have now and resist the urge to just talk…or is it ok to just talk…is that actually what I need to do? Some people say you’ve got to have EVERY WORD on paper, to say EVERY WORD, but I’ve found so many of the spontaneous moments–that’s what get the biggest laughs, those are the things that strike me the most when re-watching my tapes.

Going to read some Zen and the Art of Standup Comedy today. Ok, here’s the plan–finish breakfast, read a little of the book, grab a shower, work on my jokes, go film Gary Leli, then head to Klimat where I’ll film a segment with Jesse Sneddon (responding to an annoying comment from Don Juan (some douschy viewer), then hit the mic, go to the meeting, and dinner afterwards with everyone. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-let’s KICK IT!

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