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Saturday night, on the couch with Bill Burr

October 16, 2016

Home sick on a Saturday night watching Bill Burr’s You People are All the Same. I love how he starts off with “I wanna get a gun.” I grew up in West Virginia, so I know a lot about guns, but have only recently started talking about those things on stage. So hearing Bill talk about guns feels like home. LOL.

It’s Day #2 of staying home sick. I am glad I didn’t go out last night (Friday). The original plan was to hit a mic after work, them bark for 45 minutes, then do a 5 min spot at a show. I’d cancelled my Thursday night assisting spot on a mic, and also a mic I was supposed to hit before that. I spent lunch on Friday snoozing in the nap room at work (yes, a nap room. Crazy, right?), but only felt worse after the nap. I didn’t want to cancel the mic my bark shift or spot on the bar show, but I had no other choice. Fortunately I was able to easily find a replacement. I’m glad I stayed in.

So, it’s Saturday night. I cancelled my host spot on the 4:30 and spent most of the day sleeping. Just ate some chocolate pudding (I know, milk is not good for phlegm production, but I need chocolate comfort right now!) It’s pretty heavenly to have an excuse to catch up on sleep, and I’m seeing now how much I need some time where I’m not doing ANYTHING (Ok, I did return the Cat Hammock, and cleaned my house a little—much needed and felt good to do).
But I’m doing my best to maintain productivity (man, I sound like a robot, ‘maintain productivity.’ Watching Bill’s Netflix special, and organizing some jokes. Before I go to bed, I’m going to watch a couple of my recordings and make some notes on which jokes to keep and which ones to dump. It’s incredible how many times I can keep using a joke that doesn’t work. Need to start paying closer attention, moving the unworkable ones to a different document – or perhaps erasing them all together.

Six missed opportunities to get on stage or a great chance to recharge—it’s my choice how I’ll look at it. I think I’ll go with “Great chance to recharge.”

Popped out for a quick salad with some friends in the neighborhood (Williamsburg); it’s been a long time since I actually spent Saturday night with friends who aren’t comedians. I’ve been single for a little over a year, and walking back from dinner, had a lot of gratitude for being single. When I was dating Jitendra, Saturdays were a pretty predictable – dinner somewhere, see a movie, blah blah blah. I don’t talk about my personal life much here or on the channel. All I can say right now is that I’m glad I let go.

Ok, back to Bill. Hope you guys are having a good night! XOXO KK!

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