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Watching the Pros

August 27, 2016

Incredible show last night at Stand Up NY! What made it so good? The comics totally took control. The audience was unruly, despite the best attempts of the host; one table in particular wouldn’t stop talking — some obnoxious Brits (this is redundant, right?). Second comic gets is on stage talking about his depression, politely tries to get them to shut up, then finally says to the woman (this is loosely transcribed), “I spend 23 and three quarters hours per day wanting to kill myself. For the fifteen minutes I perform, I am filled with enough hope to carry on to the next day, and you’re taking that away from me.” SOOOO BRILLIANT. He said a couple of other things, and a few moments later, she left in tears.

It was the best money I have ever paid for a show.

Later on, a female comic who had enough with the same table, reaches down from the stage, grabs an ice bucket of beer bottles from their table, grabs a plate of their food, and tells them to get out.

I’d never seen anything like it.

Recently I asked a mentor what more I could be doing other than hitting 6-7 mics a week and putting up a couple of episodes a month….

She said, go to professional shows, watch the comics, learn.

Pro comics…feeling their energy, the confidence, I feel like I grew. I feel like I can be more open and more expressive, less fearful.

xoxo KK!

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