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Freakin’ Tired but Freakin’ Psyched Too!

March 11, 2016


Getting ready to do the check-in for the 6:30 mic at Klimat.

I am so tired, but happily typing away.

Last night uploaded EPISODE 18! Up until almost 2am because I couldn’t get the Final Cut Pro file to export. Spent about an hour on that, but I was determined to get a new episode out by Friday. Last week I missed it, so I re-posted Episode 12 around the web. Previously, I hadn’t promoted that one because I thought it was too maudlin. Surprisingly, CinnabonBJ, one of the Redditors who’d commented negatively on my second video, admitted that he’d been “douschie,” but now I’d won him over. Whooo HA! YAY! So that was a nice surprise.

I filmed the whole episode last night. Have a couple of photos of my green screen/lights/camera with mic:IMG_7487 (1) IMG_7488 (1)

Ok, time to get to it! Speak soon!


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