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February 17, 2016


Glad to be writing here now. So many things have been happening–happy to say that the video I released on Friday has almost 500 views! A couple of things helped that happen–mostly—the title is awesome! “What Catcallers REALLY Want.” I’m totally ok with that.

Had a fun show at The Stand on Saturday. Greateful to be the second up — fun crowd. Didn’t ‘kill it’ but got a lot of laughs. Had a warm up set at the mic before and it went soooo well!!!!

Then I went to class on Sunday. I did the same set in front of the class – my teacher told me that I needed to be more connected to the emotion behind the joke, and that I need to ask myself why I’m telling the joke. I have a lot of respect for her — 17 years of experience and plays clubs/colleges/cruises all over. However, the feedback felt harsh in the way it was delivered. However, maybe I need to hear it that way….not sure. She said that every time I get on stage this week — don’t even do jokes. (at least that’s my interpretation. Need to listen to her feedback again.) Suddenly I have that fear of listening to myself/viewing the footage that I had in the beginning. I feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Monday I went up at Muchmore’s in Williamsburg. It felt so weird to get up there without a plan. At one point I asked “how much time has elapsed.” Yesterday had two mics — one at StandUp NY (which was fun because the host was hysterical) and then Teresa’s mic at Metropolitan Room. The second mic I pretty much ranted — which felt exhilarating, but how does that relate to telling jokes?

Freddie G told me that my set at Stand Up NY was good. How could that be? Last night I briefly listened to the tape/viewed the video. Don’t know how to recreate the spontaneity. I guess I could write down the pieces that I liked. Crap. just checked –I didn’t record the audio.

Tonight I’m not going to a mic because I’m assisting on a Buddha class–there’s a female comic who is going to share her experience on working in this male-dominated industry. Ugh. I’ll get up but now I hate my material. Argh.

xoxo KK!

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