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Having Fun Creating!

February 8, 2016


WOW! Released Episode 13 yesterday! Shot it on Saturday, stayed up until 4:35am editing and posting. Having so much fun —- it is dreamy! Rehearsed with Laura Attis on Saturday and it was like playtime. She’s completely zany, and to have her in the scene is really a gift. I encouraged her to do a mic for the first time, and it was so nice to spend a day like that.

Feeling completely overwhelmed, but that’s starting to feel like business as usual. Both blogs were down, and hours of tech support calls later, this one is working (thankfully).

Looking at the analytics from Episode 12 and so pleased to see that viewers watched 92% of the video. That’s the highest percentage yet! WOW! And I was concerned that it would be too emotional. It looks like those are the pieces that have people chomping for more.

I keep worrying where the next inspiration will come from, but it’s important just to keep having fun and see what turns up!


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