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February 3, 2016


HELLO WORLD! Had such a great set at The Metropolitan Room tonight–WOW! A little over two hours and the last one up at the mic–who would’ve thought it could go so well. Wow. There were maybe ten people in the room, but everyone was enjoying it. I felt spontaneous and felt like I made a connection with comics in the audience. I’m really proud of myself. As the last one of the night—I was tired and pretty sick of seeing comics go up. My excitement was really in the toilet, but there was a fantastic current running through the room — so many of the comics seemed — well, ravenous.–seriously, I expected some of them to take a bite out of the mic. Their energy lifted me, made me hungry too.

It probably helped by doing a set at Stand Up NY beforehand. That was a rough room. I went up and launched into my set. After my first joke, I said to the room, “So that’s the way it’s going to be, huh?” Then I just did my set. I recorded it, so I’ll see tomorrow. But I felt mostly confident.

“Like making pancakes, like making pancakes.”

I didn’t even know if I’d make it to a mic today. Woke up in the morning and decided to take a peek at the queue for that first mic, and surprisingly, I got slot #12 out of fifteen so I hit the E train to 50th, walked to Broadway and pick up the 1 train to head up to 78th street on the Upper West Side. On my way, I past Caroline’s. I’ve never even been there. Really should get to checking it out.

Wondering what the future holds….


Have a good night!


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