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It’s OK that I DIDN’T Bomb – Become a Comedian

December 16, 2015


Ok, that’s a really weird title for a post, right? Who wants to bomb?

I just wanted some footage for one of my episodes of Becoming a Comedian, hoping to say to the audience (with a shrug), “It’s ok. I’m having fun.” So it didn’t happen, that’s fine.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t care if I did well, that I actually did well?


Got it.

So much love in the room last night at Kickin’ It. I love those guys. One of the comics on stage said, “I’m depressed and miserable. Who else here is depressed and miserable?” Everyone raised their hands, and all of us had a HUGE LAUGH. So fun.

Again, this is the mic with two rounds –a five minute set, and a three minute Q & A period. For the question section, Tuval suggested the topic of “What made you become a comic?”



I just finished shooting Episode 4, but why don’t I have a comedian tell a 30 second to one minute story about what made them (notice avoidance of her or him) become a comic?


Not sure of the logistics–how I’ll work it in — but let’s do it!


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