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November 7, 2015

11/7/2015 MIC #149

J. Fox Jones said it better than anyone!

Something amazing in the room tonight. My second time assisting on a Laughing Buddha mic, and indeed, it was an incredible night. Everyone was so hot; the room crackled with electric laughter.

It felt like a revival.

First time making the announcements at the beginning of the mic, “Welcome! We’re going to have a great night! Any first timer’s here?”

The room fell out — wow!

There were a few first timers, and when they got up — the crowd was so supportive. I remember my first mic, when Judith told me “You should come back — you got some good laughs.” Little bits of encouragement like that have kept me coming back.

It’s great to be part of the crew that makes this happen. Somehow — more fun than just being one of the comics in attendance. Looking forward to hosting for the first time–in December. This Sunday is a hosting workshop — psyched.

When I’m in the room on nights like tonight, nothing else seems to matter–not the job, or the breakup, or the split with the family — the latter two went down this summer. Still feeling the loss, but when I’m in this crowd, when I’m up on stage, the volume on my ruminations is turned down.

Monday is my first anniversary doing stand-up. I’m really proud of how I’ve grown.

Need to hop back on the memoir bandwagon — some notes to type up on the “Me + Gay” piece, edits and additions I made while sitting on the beach in Nice–whoo dog! Will be attending a proposal writing workshop at QED on the 21st. So I have that, and have also been writing up sketches for the TV show idea. It’s a lot, and prioritizing has been tricky. All of my energy so far has been put into doing mics and getting as much stage time as I can — when I get home at night, there’s barely enough time to cook dinner and prep lunch for the next day. Saturday mornings are good for writing–hitting The Bean nice and early. Restarting that this weekend!

xoxo KK

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