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Killa’ Salad

October 29, 2015

10/29/2015 — 11pm

Chopt’ totally killed tonight, in an otherwise dead room. The People’s Mic (Hosted by Jimmy Peoples) at The Village Lantern.

I went up about an hour and a half into the mic, about 10 comics remaining and plenty of insulting the audience going on before I got onstage:

“You guys don’t know what funny is,”


“What a dead audience,”


“Why am I even here?”

Making it extra special, the dude before me was making derogatory references toward women’s parts and other stereotypical bologna. I felt angry at first, then turned it off. Why bother getting upset at this idiot? It suddenly occurred to me, sitting right in front of the stage, that I didn’t have to pay attention — he hadn’t earned that, so I did something that wasn’t usual for me — I checked my phone, I looked at my email, and I didn’t care if I was being rude or not. It just didn’t matter. Why should I give this bozo my attention?

My turn.

I went up and took a not so passive aggressive shot at the room, as if the man on stage before me was a representative for all of the men there. I was the only woman so I felt pretty defensive — ugh. I felt a little ashamed afterwards — like I’d stooped to his level.

But when I did “Chopt,” the crowd was tinkling with laughter and white gleaming smiles. Even Crystal, the waitress at the Lantern,  stepped into the room to watch. I loved how much everyone was enjoying it. It was actually the only time all night that the room broke out into laughter.

After the mic, one of the guys told me, “That was the best joke of the night.”

“Thank you.”

“No, really.”

Sweet! The edits have made it sooooooo strong! I’ve been working on that joke since February of this year…now it has evolved into something that gives me great joy to perform!


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