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Sleepless Luxury Problems…

October 12, 2015

October 12th, 2015. 3:56 am. Nice, France.

Luxury problem ALERT.

Ok, so I can’t sleep because I’m jet lagged and slept on the beach all day. PHLEEEEZZZZZZ. I feel it too. If I weren’t me, I would be shooting daggers out of my eyes at me. HAHA. Ok, so what am I doing since I’m awake? (Other than blogging).

Rehearsing for my spot at THE STAND on October 26th. COME ON DOWN!

This morning (around 2am) I was watching some of my vids –I record every mic I do — it helps. The progression is quite striking….

August video –hair back, glasses on, Jackie-O dress.

September — Hair down, no glasses, sundress.

October — Leather Jacket, skinny bluejeans, leopard scarf.

This may interest no one but my self, but…..I think something about this progression is due to the break-up in July. July 7th…a week later, I booked the trip I’m on now. I left for France (god, that sounds a little pompous) three months to the day that I broke up with JD. I miss him. Rather, I missed him. This trip is right on the money an appreciation of myself….an expression of self-love. The fact that I’m allowing myself to relax is noteworthy. Usually vacations are spent darting from one point of interest to another. Yesterday and today are devoted beach days. Lots of small towns of interest, lots of cultural attractions, but that’s going to have to take a backseat to the last day of sunshine for a stretch.

I just felt so good this evening. Softened. Maybe I don’t have to run around like a crazy person…at least until I get back into the city.

I started writing my TV series…centering around all of the backwards things I get myself into…..issues that tend to lead to silly blunders and surrenders. All of this happened the other night….I’d received a Facebook notice a couple of days ago…about a Screenwriting (why this is capitalized, I have no idea) Class. 5 weeks, good price. I’ll miss the first class because of the show, but she’s offering a makeup Skype session. Whoopie Dawg!!!

So excited…every time I laid down to go to bed, I popped up to write down an idea. Feels great!

I’m glad I took the time to write out my notes from class….and to put them down on legal pads so that I could run through the bits. Might add one to my set for the 26th…..maybe….Jessica’s class has been amazing — she’s very generous, helping me to hone all of this material. I’m really fortunate.


It is challenging to work full time and do all of this, but it’s totally worth it.

If I didn’t have my job as a nurse, there would be no way (at present) to be taking trips like this. I’m frequently jealous of comics who work part-time or freelance…it would be great to get more rest during the day instead of feeling completely plowed at the end of the week, but it’s a give and take at present, and I’m working toward getting better, getting a strong set, a strong tape. Growing, changing….etc etc etc… So for now, doing the drill.

I was so grateful to be alone the other day, not to have someone talking incessantly about their kid or about their exercise routine. I may be “alone” right now, but that’s awesome compared to feeling alone in a relationship…

Much preferable to sit across from an empty chair than to be sitting across from someone who is currently bugging the heck out of you.

Achante! (Pleased to meet me…)

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