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September 20, 2015

Mic I did last night was good. Several people told me “Your s$&t is tight,” and that they really loved my material. That felt good, because Megan was one of the people who told me that, and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so that was a really big compliment. This class is definitely getting me to think bigger. I like the idea of finding and trying something new, but I’m just getting so much out of this still, and I feel really safe. I don’t want to be in some class where I have to turn over a copy of my material. F that. So some woman can edit it? To have everything scripted. That seems almost un-American. One thing I could definitely do is practice at home more. Chopt is getting there, but it is still too rushed, I think. Then there’s the bathroom piece and I need to rehearse that but it’s just so hard to let myself do it for some reason. I feel like I know what I’m going to be doing for my 8 minutes at The Stand. That’s cool. Serious and Smart, The Talk, Birthday Card, and Chopt. I like it. That’s good. I think I really like the class because it’s like being bathed in those words. Last night, if I critique myself (Why not?!) I’d focus on the fact that I stepped back so much, my energy wasn’t pushed outward, it was like I was apologizing for myself. Couple of weeks ago I remember that mic at Karma, the one where I was so powerful and so machinegun on it. I need to do my warm up exercises….and to speak to everyone in the room “Like I’m at a dinner party.” Like the host last night, the guy…Watching myself …sometimes I seemed to be mumbing into the microphone. Maybe one mic I can just focus on that — projecting it outward

Xoxo KK!

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