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Slow and Steady–Slow it down, lady!

July 29, 2015

July 29th, 2015. 7:07 am

In the sweet spot. This morning feels so good! Did two mics last night – one at Metropolitan Room, and one run by Yohei’s, “Funny Cookies” at Lucky Jacks in the Lower East Side. Holy kapow! The most powerful antidepressant. I’ve got my set! I do! I have it!Much like any type of editing, but especially a play –when I have to cut out the parts that don’t work…even though I’m really attached to them – like that bit about “I was the first person in my family to have sex.” I have to be honest…it’s a little weird, unbelievable and doesn’t get me out of the gate fast. So I cut it and am kicking off the set with the Chopt piece. A majority of audiences really like that bit….I think I’m– it’s the part when I ask the audience if they’ve ever been to Chopt and they say YEAH (hooping and hollering) – people love that place, and I really like the piece because it turns the ordinary into … it twists it into the unexpected. And then I close with the Apology piece, which has become even stronger….the great thing about doing a couple of mics in one night is that I’m discovering so many new things….gestures and vocal inflections and–

The power of the Pause…

The Metropolitan Room’s Tuesday night open mic is hosted by Therese. It was my first time there, but as soon as I checked in with her, we both realized we’d seem one another’s sets before…at the Karma Mic. There was a lovely sort of kinship between us. I’d done a little crowd work at that mic, and she’d answered some of the questions I put out. So instantly I felt connected and was thrilled to see her. The tiny room, filled with over 20 comics, was like a tight little pressure cooker. Everyone who went before me was sooooooooo quick, sharp and funny, like the room was squeezing the words and the energy out of them when they went up to the mic.

I was really nervous., wondering how I could be that speedy and tight when I felt like I was still tripping over my words and my ideas. Fifth in a lineup where we got 5 minutes, I got up there and HIT IT! At the time, I didn’t realize how fast I was talking, but while listening to the playback (standing on Orchard Street before my second mic of the night), I was flummoxed and had to check to see if the recording was on double play. It had the speed and cadence of an Alvin and the Chipmunks album. WHOA! Tons of laughs, really great stuff, but WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!!! I decided — for the second one of the night I’d work on slowing it the heck down and was pleased to discover that there were two rounds (one of 7 minutes, and one of three). Yes, no matter how nervous I was, I would slow it down, and in doing so, I found new delightful moments. We even had audience! It seemed that we were on a journey together, and I had a sense that they were clinging to my words, relating to the stories and anecdotes I shared.

That’s the best!


xoxo KK!

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