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The No-Mic-no-lights Open Mic at Muchmore’s

July 21, 2015

I never would’ve thought that a no-mic-no-lights Open Mic could be so much fun! It’s hard to describe Muchmore’s in Williamsburg. The room containing the stage is peppered with a ragtag mixture of seriously squishy couches, wooden tables, and chairs whose posture would make a Catholic nun grin.

Fifteen comics took turns on the darkened stage to shout out their sets. Jokes ranged from Nazis to Gynecological physical therapy treatments to the difficulties an autistic comedian can have when trying to pick up chicks.

I was in my element.

The sets turned out to be three minutes, and that was ok. I grew excited as the host read from a list of names. So many of the comics on the list hadn’t shown up so this was going to be a short mic (little over an hour). I ran some new material, feeling really good about my delivery. It was comfortable in that room, despite the awkward performance space, the lack of lights and the reassurance of a warm microphone, and the crowd was supportive. It felt like the camaraderie that develops after some sort of natural disaster. Perhaps that’s what lack of power does — it unites us.

Enough hokey poetic stuff.

More later!


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