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July 18, 2015


WOW! It happened–and at an open mic! There was some audience there as well, and that helped, but YES! ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!

Earlier in the day…after work, I got a decaf Americano from La Colombo on Vandam Street–zoom zoom! It was the bitchin-ist decaf I’ve ever had–my fingers tingled, and my pace quickened. What did they put in that? Holy schemoli, Zoop Zoop!!!

But back to killing–It was the 6:30 Laughing Budda. I sat on my cushioney seat, vibrating. After my decaf, I’d taken the train to Astor Place, and walked down St. Marks Place, Journey’s DON’T STOP BELIEVING ringing in my ears and lifting my arms up into a victory pose as I swung down the street.  I feel new, relieved, hopeful.

Tonight I was a live wire, connected with the audience, really engaging them, and invested in the things I was telling them–this new material comes from me—-not observations about the L train in the summertime, or about avocados or cab drivers—-about my experiences, my emotions, my magical thinking—and people responded. I guess it’s like that saying — “When it comes from the heart, it touches the heart.”


xoxo KK!

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