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March 10, 2015

It was a busy weekend. Two mics on Friday and two on Sunday. Busy for me, but not a biggie for a lot of comics — some will hit four a night. I’m working on progress, getting more stage time. Rehearsing the story for Thursday is going well and I’m at the point where it’s becoming more and more fun.

Tighties, the story, the vignette I’m telling on Thursday was written over the summer, in my first memoir writing class.  That’s actually what started this whole journey — last summer, I took a How to Write Your Autobiography class at the 92nd Street Y. It was me, 7 women over the age of 60, and the one guy who was teaching the class. 5 weeks, one six page story a week. In those 30 pages, I discovered my voice, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had an odd way of looking at common events — people found it funny — they laughed – wow!

The women were really wonderful, offering me plenty of acceptance and encouragement. The teacher was the one who told me to do standup “You’ve got Chutzpah! You should be up on stage!”

Those thirty pages have since turned into 110 pages. The story captures a ten year period (2004-2014), where I went from no desire to date (or even mention sex) to a healthy, loving relationship. Writing it has made me grateful for all of the weird people, places, and things that have crossed my threshold (a ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm) over the last decade.

The challenge — how to balance performing, writing, rehearsing, rewriting (and a full time job)?

So I’m learning to prioritize — this week I have the show on Thursday, and then Monday I have 20 pages due so I won’t have a chance to focus on prepping new stand up material.

I think people call these luxury problems.

More later,

xoxo KK!

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