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Are You Blue?

March 8, 2015


Had a GREAT SET on Friday night. Soooooo much fun. It made my night to have other comics compliment me afterwards.

So I’m feeling pretty good about the bits I’ve been putting on stage — the only thing—most of my material is bright, bawdy B-L-U-E.

Blue comedy is a style of comedy that is off-color, risqué, indecent or profane, largely about sex. It often contains profanity and/or sexual imagery that may shock and offend some audience members.

It works for me — maybe it’s because I look so conservative in my after work pencil skirts and office attire.

So it’s been fun, but  Still…

I keep hearing the refrain — how this kind of material gets easy laughs, making me think I’m only funny if I’m blue (ha!). Though I’m trying to avoid going down that road of negative thinking, I’m leaning toward self-censure.

The truth is, blue bits are the only things I find genuinely funny. Jokes about airports, the grocery store, the ice cream shop — these bore the heck out of me.


I’m going to start cultivating a nest of material suitable for consumption by the general public. Think I need to get out and see more professional comics.

Gotta fill the well.


xoxo KK!



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