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#19 – Getting to Know YOU!

February 6, 2015


I love Laughing Budda. We had a great crowd tonight–comics and a real audience–whoa!  Everyone seemed to be having a great time—so supportive!

It’s really exciting to see the same comics perform over the three months that I’ve been doing this–Seeing SOOOOO much improvement in their confidence and their improved deliveries–people I didn’t think were funny before are suddenly KILLING IT!

Inspirational…nice to feel a part of a community–people saying “Hi, it’s good to see you. You haven’t been around much.”

“Yeah, I was sick and couldn’t talk without coughing for a while.”

“Awe man, that sucks. Glad you’re back!”


Definitely enjoying doing Comedic pieces that require physicality and vocal play. Watching comedians who employ these techniques keeps me interested, and it looks like the audiences I’m performing for….they appreciate these as well. Plus, it’s easier to shut out all of the negative self-talk when I’m using my hands to depict what it’s like to have intercourse with no lubrication (you’d have to be there). Trust me, the sound effects and physical acting out is worth it.

Tally Ho!

xoxo, KK!

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