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Today is #17

January 19, 2015

My third mic in four days. QED in Astoria. Though it took over an hour to get there, it was totally worth it. Great bunch of performers, and a warm room.

The Chop’t piece went over well. Third time for it on stage, and I had a blast– Andrea came up to me afterwards and gave me a huge hug, told me she was proud of me, that she loved the physicality of the bit and said it was really funny.

Otherwise, I didn’t use my full time. I got nervous and concerned that I wasn’t interesting. It’s difficult to remember that some of that isn’t my business to worry about. Since I got to the mic a little late, I wasn’t sure exactly how much time I’d have, and that–combined with extreme self-consciousness regarding a silly detail–was the paper I put my name on obscenely large, potentially causing the hosts to disregard my entry into the lottery bucket.

Needless to say, these preoccupations threw me off a little bit.

I find that when I’m really into a piece, when I’m not focusing on the reactions my words are getting–that’s when things feel really good, and seem easy.

Started recording my sets — today was the second time. Though a little bit unnerving, it’s good to hear myself–easier to see where I’m rushing, or where it sounds forced.

xoxo KK

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