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Which Way is Up?

December 30, 2014


Mic #14

The only thing about going to the four open mics I’ve attended in the past 5 days is that I can no longer discern what is funny, and what isn’t.

Am I funny? I don’t know. Maybe? I thought so –Perhaps? Yes? No?

Writing new stuff on the way to work this morning…adding to a joke but now no idea if it’s lame or what. It feels really freakin lame.

I figured I needed to take every possible opportunity to get in front of an audience, but is a room full of comics really an audience? Can I rely on them as a barometer for my pride and self-esteem?

Totally paranoid that I’d take a header like last night, I started questioning other comics if it was normal to have no idea where you were going with something, or where you left off, or blah blah blah…

So, after surveying the room, it seems that it’s completely normal. I’d been seriously criticizing people in my head…those who used notes, who weren’t 100% on whatever game I thought they should be. It’s crap. My critic criticizing anyone else is pure plain crap.


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