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Career Coaching

September 15, 2014

After years of hearing me whine about not feeling fulfilled in my current position, Mrs. Robinson referred me to Geoff.

Geoff is a sixty-something Englishman currently residing in the Upper East Side. He’s been helping people figure out their career paths for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. We’d been going back and forth about meeting to begin our career coach/coachee relationship since mid-August. He was out of town for the summer, so I figured the gap would be a good opportunity for me to do some serious thinking cap stuff about what I wanted my life to look like.

I did no such serious thinking cap stuff; it’s so much easier to go with what I already know. This underlying sense of futility has been with me a long time, and it’s difficult to shake.

Finally, a week before we met, I sent him this email —

Hi Geoff

Please see the attached documents. One is a draft of my current CV, and the second is a blown out description of the additional responsibilities I have in my current position. I’m definitely looking to get out of direct patient care but would be interested in staying in the healthcare world…perhaps in the area of informatics or some sort of project management.
Thank you very much for your time! I look forward to meeting up with you.

–    –    –

I attached my CV, the  list of additional responsibilities that weren’t part of my job description, elements I’d voluntarily contributed (regardless of lack of additional compensation) because I was bored.

Even before we met, he gave me some homework to do. One task he asked me to complete was a list of assets I’d like to possess, and a list of Fears.


Someone who doesn’t apologize for herself

I can look people in the eye and ask for what I want

Standing up straight, not cowering

Someone who says what she needs/wants simply and with clarity

Someone who does what she says she’s going to do

Follows projects through to completion.

I stick with things even when there are lulls and periods of uncertainty.


I’m afraid I’ll come off as bitchy/arrogant; 

People will think I’m rude or mean; 

If I exude confidence people will put me down or think I’m a fraud

That bit about confidence really blows my buffer. Talk about old fears. It feels good to identify them; maybe if I identify them, they can be overcome.


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